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Looking for the best place to take your car for maintenance services and repairs?  Here's what we have to offer: A complimentary hand car wash and a 2 year 24k mile warranty on all work. A digital vehicle health report is included with all services, as well as access to a personal online dashboard with your vehicle's service history. Professional scan tool equipment for your European vehicle.  It's our pleasure to take care of the entire family and we will work on any make or model.  

Guest Amenities 

  • All work warranted for 2 years or 24 thousand miles.
  • Free WiFi for your devices
  • Loaner cars available
  • Concierge service - Local pickup and drop-off
  • Night drop service
  • Comfortable waiting area with refreshments and TV
  • Adjacent to Victory Brewing Co., La Pena Mexicana, and Wawa
  • Walking distance to State Street Shops
  • Pet friendly
  • Gift certificates
  • Emailed/text personal courtesy check of your vehicle
  • Work performed on New and Old Makes and Models including Classics/ Collectibles in our Shop
  • Towing arrangements
  • Online with PENNDOT (can issue registration & plates in house)
  • Leave your car running and/or drop it at the service door
  • All major credit cards accepted

Vehicle Service Menu Items (tax not included) Contact Karen in Service (610-444-2222) to assist you with all your maintenance intervals, tire explainations and repair needs. (Se Habla Espanol) or email us at info@bavarianmotorsport.com 


How much does a PA state inspection cost? We break it down below.  

  • PA State and Emissions Testing ($49.95 emissions and/or $19.95 state inspection) 
  • Emissions Exempt vehicles
  • In house Alloy Wheel Straightening ( $125.00 includes mount and balance) 
  • Regular Oil Change/ premium filter ($40.00) most cars
  • Full Synthetic Oil Change/ premium filter ($89.95) most cars
  • Wheel and tire Alignment ($170.00) 
  • Plug Tire /Patch Tire (approx $22.00 )
  • Headlight Restoration, both headlights ($170.00) 
  • Tire Rotation ($57.00) 
  • Brake Fluid Exchange (142.00)
  • Professional Detailing (See below) 
  • Scan and reset Check Engine Light (no charge)
  • Cracked and Cosmetic Wheel Repair / Bent Rim Repair
  • Glass Repair and Replacement
  • Factory Mileage Maintenance Services
  • Service Warranty Contracts available to suit your vehicle needs (contact Suzanne with your Vin number)
  • Pre or Post Purchase Inspection on your new vehicle
  • Authorized TireRack Installer. Call if you would like assistance picking out the right tire
  • Spark plugs
  • Electrical Repairs and installations
  • Transmission Repairs 
  • Suspension and Chassis
  • Ad Blu and diesel exhaust fluid
  • Engine Detox treatment 
  • Wiper Blade Installation (only part cost applied)
  • Hand Car Wash
  • Complimentary Electronic Courtesy Check Inspection


Oil Change/ Oil Lube Filter How much is an oil change?  The cost of an oil change for most cars is $40.00 for regular oil and $89.95 for full synthetic oil and premium oil filter.  We often recommend a Full Synthetic Oil due to the fact that it lasts longer, leaves less particulates and is generally better for your vehicle and for you as a customer because you dont need to change it as often. In any case, we always recommend what your owners manual suggests.  Our service advisor can let you know what is recommended for your vehicle.  Read more about MST oil required in your european vehicle on our blog.

Professional Detailing 3 Tiers- Compact $199.00. Regular $225.00. Large start at $250.00 +tax. Included in that price is a full interior and exterior detail- hand wash & wax, vacuum and/or shampoo floor & mats, polish inside surfaces/windows, dress tires and trim, cut and polish exterior, clean window grates, clean all crevices, personalized buffing for your paint, remove all excess tar/buildups. We are also happy to accommodate any special areas of concern like strong odors, pet hair etc. Preserve your vehicles integrity with a detail today.  Ask if only an interior or an exterior detail is needed $125.00. Ask Karen for custom quotes. Detail pricing subject to condition assessment. 


PA State and Emissions Testing ($49.95 emissions and/or $19.95 state inspection)  Recieve an electronic courtesy inspection sent to your phone or email indicating the detailed condition of your vehicle.  A complementary hand car wash is included with this service.  The cost of PA emissions and inspection will include the $6 sticker and emissions price+ state inspection price listed above.  Only a state inpection and sticker will be required if your vehicle is emissions exempt.


A/C Recharge ($260.00)  Have your air conditioning professionally recharged before the sweltering summer months.  A/C Recharge Kits are available but one can easily over or under charge their system, resulting in Hot Air Blowing.  Refrigerant levels must be exact in order for the coldest possible air to blow. We have professional Cool Tech industrial equipment which properly adds the exact amount everytime. You're typically going to be paying for about 2lbs of freon, and the cost of this depends on the price of freon, which we've heard will go up in June 2017.


Tire Rotation  To extend the life on your set of tires, have them rotated. Take a look at your tread and determine if there is excess wear on any particular tire. If you are unsure, we generally recommend a rotation every other oil change. It can be helpful to have your service adviser or technician show you the worn patches going around the tire, switching it's position should take the stress off this portion and extend your tire life.

Alignment  When a component of your suspension is compromised in anyway, your vehicle will need an alignment. This is to ensure that parts in your suspension wear as evenly as possible to get the most miles out of them. You should go nowhere but straight and feel nothing but complete smoothness when driving.  If you do notice vibrations or your vehicle pulling one direction, this is putting stress on your vehicle and should be addressed. Getting your alignment sooner than later will help your vehicle last longer.

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